100+ Women Who Care In Los Alamos Funds PAC 8’s Teen Suicide Prevention Project

From left, PAC 8 Executive Director Jean Gindreau with Kate O’Donnell guide the creation of a teen suicide prevention PSA project funded by 100+ Women Who Care in Los Alamos. Courtesy photo
UWNM News:
100+ Women Who Care in Los Alamos is a group of women who strive to have a positive impact on those in need in the Los Alamos area, without the time-consuming effort associated with fundraising.
The mission is to reach out and help the community by collecting contributions for local nonprofits. All organizations up for consideration for an award are in the Los Alamos area. The idea is to keep it local and have an impact that can be seen in the community. The group meets four times per year and each member commits to donating $100 per meeting or commits as a team of two oe four women.
100+ Women Who Care in Los Alamos celebrated its 1st anniversary at its August meeting where they chose to award funds to PAC 8 TV for a teen suicide prevention PSA project. PAC 8 will provide workshops for high school age students. The students and instructors will form working teams to develop, create, write and produce suicide prevention PSAs. PAC 8 will work with the high school and Teen Center to help identify and recruit teens. Teens will write the script with the assistance of a PAC 8 scriptwriter. Teens will do all the production with equipment and resources provided by PAC 8. 
The PSAs will educate people in the following ways: that teen suicide is preventable, that there are steps parents can take to prevent teen suicide, what the warning signs are, what you can do if you think someone is suicidal, how to recognize suicidal behavior, and what to do if you are thinking about suicide. 
For more information about 100+ Women Who Care in Los Alamos, contact Kristy Ortega at 505.663.3891 or visit the group’sr Facebook page

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