Zero Waste: Create Living Wall From Upcycled Pallet

A living wall created from an upcycled pallet. Courtesy/LAC

Zero Waste Team News:

The Los Alamos County Environmental Department Zero Waste Team shares how to create a living wall using an upcycled pallet:

  1. Reuse a pallet from your yard or pick one up at the Eco Station for free;
  2. Staple an old sheet or other recycled fabric to the inside front, back, sides and bottom of the pallet, creating an enclosed pocket;
  3. Reinforce the backside and bottom with hardware cloth;
  4. Fill pallet with soil and moisten;
  5. Lay pallet flat and cross-hatch fabric in 4-6″ intervals;
  6. Plant succulents into the holes;
  7. Let sit for two weeks, horizontally; and
  8. Mount on wall and water every one to two weeks.

The wall also can be planted with seeds of lettuce, spinach and other greens. At step 6, plant the seeds and hang the pallet. Water frequently.

It planting edibles, please check the stamp on the pallet to make sure it says “HT” for heat treated, ensuring the pallet has not been treated with dangerous chemicals.