Zadrozny Demonstrates Sound Yoga at Mullein Leaf Massage

The sound yoga studio of Andy Zadrozny. The ‘Resonant Body Platform,’ allows a person to perform the sound yoga technique on another person’s body. Courtesy photo


Like many mothers, when I was pregnant I enjoyed placing headphones against my belly, amazed to feel the baby respond to the sounds.

But I’ve wondered, what do unborn babies actually hear?

According to Alfred Tomatis, the famous French neurologist, the first sense organs to develop in a human embryo are the ears and the first sensation a baby in utero experiences, is its body resonating with the vibrations of the mother’s voice.

Andy Zadrosny. Courtesy photo

Andy Zadrozny has developed a technique that can reawaken a person’s physical connection to sound. He teaches people to harness the primal sense of sound for relaxation, re-vitalization, developing extraordinary awareness, and for healing.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, Zadrozny will demonstrate his “New Sound Yoga” at Mullein Leaf Massage, 3500 Trinity Dr., Suite A-5 in Los Alamos. Contact them at 505-695-2095.

The technique itself is documented in Hindu texts to be thousands of years old, dating to the origins of yoga. Zadrozny discovered the technique independently as a child and has practiced and taught it for years as a way of developing perfect pitch recognition to musicians and as a yogic practice for deep listening and meditation.

The technique involves focusing and directing sound vibration to any chosen part of the body.

His company has developed a device, called the “Resonant Body Platform,” that improves on the basic practice by allowing a person to perform the sound yoga technique on another person’s body.

There are many practical uses for the Resonant Body Platform including:

  • Teaching sound yoga as a practice.
  • Teaching pitch recognition in musical ear training.
  • Sound massage can alleviate pain, stiffness, and increase mobility and flexibility.
  • Restoring specific body awareness to Parkinson’s patients, trauma victims, and people recovering from surgery and injuries.
  • Helping people develop extraordinary awareness of their bodies and their surroundings.
  • Deepening disciplines like yoga and meditation.
  • Enhancing wellness modalities like massage and Pilates.
  • Enhancing sports and martial arts performance
  • Sound healing. Medically, sound vibration therapy has been shown to have many benefits, including encouraging cell propagation.

May 21, Zadrozny will give a demonstration of a sound yoga session and let participants experience the Resonant Body Treatment Table.

“Many of us live life disconnected from our body to varying degrees, whether from trauma or just the stress of everyday life. Becoming aware of the messages our body gives us each day is a key component to vitality. I am excited to have Andy present this powerful technique for enhancing wholeness,” Mullein Leaf Massage owner Michelle Harkey said,

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