Yang: Farewell To Los Alamos

Los Alamos

My husband will retire at the end of this year … exact date is yet to be decided. And we’ll move to Oregon soon after that.
So, it’s with sadness that I need to bid farewell to my wonderful readers. I will continue writing until perhaps the end of October or early November, depending on how crazy things become. And in between, I may have to beg off a week or two here and there due to travel, getting our house ready for the market, and I am sure other unexpected items.

We have come to love northern New Mexico immensely, and still do. We are not leaving because of some unpleasant experience; this area has been good to us, as have our friends. However, we also want to chart new adventures and more exploration. Bend, Ore. seems to fit the bill. It’s an exciting experiment for us, to go somewhere only because we want to be there, not because there are jobs waiting for us there … although professional commitments have taken us to many places we have enjoyed.  

The Los Alamos Daily Post’s accepting my proposal four years ago was a great beginning of my writing career. I cannot thank the paper enough for the years of support and encouragement. The publication has drawn so many talents; I am honored to have been part of the contributing community. I am confident that the Los Alamos Daily Post will thrive for a long long time.

Staying Sane and Charging Ahead.

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