Y Goal Met; Thank You Video Created

The Y enlisted youth small grant recipient Sam Crooks to create a Thank-you Video. ScreenShot/YMCA

The Y has thanked its supporters with a leaf on the Y’s Fall Wall of Honor. Courtesy/YMCA

YMCA News:

Dear  Friends, thank you for the support you gave to the Y this year. This month with your sponsorships, participation in fundraisers and donations, the Y hit the mark of raising $140,000 for financial assistance and youth programs! We have thanked our supporters (except those wishing to remain anonymous) with a leaf on the Y’s Fall Wall of Honor.

Additionally, as a little appreciation, we enlisted youth small grant recipient Sam Crooks to create a Thank-you Video for us. It was created in early October, before knowing final numbers for this year. Through this month, we have assisted 275 individuals (last year was 250) in 155 families (last year was 135), including 104 youth who attend Camp or Afterschool programs. You support has mattered, as demonstrated in this letter below from a parent who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you on behalf of all these 275 souls.  

Merry Christmas,

Happy Holiday, and

Happy Everything

-Diana Martinez, Y Senior Program Director 


Letter To The YMCA Family,

Having grown up in Los Alamos I have always been aware of the YMCA and all the wonderful programs offered there. So when my own child wanted to participate in sports I knew where to go but started getting nervous. We live on a tight fixed income, I am disabled and not able to work a full time job. So I wasn’t sure I could afford to enroll him in anything. I didn’t want to let him down. And I knew that learning how to be part of a team, the skills, exercise and the fun he could have would be great for him. So I did some checking online and with friends. That’s when I learned about your scholarship program.

It has been such a blessing for our family! With the help of the scholarship program my son has been able to get into sports, try out Karate and even have a birthday party at the YMCA with some of his new friends! He’s really starting to thrive. Gaining confidence in his abilities and realizing the payoff of hard work and practice.

Without this program these things would not be possible. My son is really looking forward to the start of Basketball this year and has already set a goal to work towards! It means so much to me to see my son grow up happy and healthy. Also, every time I go into the YMCA I’m greeted with a smile and everyone is always so nice and helpful. It’s awesome!!!

Thank you so much!!!!