WR Presbyterian Church Navajo Mission Project

Courtesy/White Rock Presbyterian Church



Manny’s Tool Box, a tool lending program funded by White Rock Presbyterian Church, will be dedicated during the worship service at House of Fellowship Navajo Church near Bread Springs, N.M. Sunday, Sept. 20.

Nearly 20 members and friends of White Rock Presbyterian Church will attend the service, as well as participate in a work-weekend of construction projects and delivering firewood to needy families.

Though Manny Honig died in 2002, his memory is honored by the establishment of Manny’s Tool Box,a tool-lending program on the Navajo Nation. Manny was the husband of White Rock Presbyterian Church member Carol Honig as well as the father of Alison, Steven and Kristin. 

He was service-oriented and loved to help people. Being a craftsman himself, and generous with his tools, it is a fitting legacy to establish Manny’s Tool Box under the care of Fred and Lorraine Thomas of the Navajo House of Fellowship Church at Bread Springs, 11 miles south of Gallup, and supported by White Rock Presbyterian Church.

Pastor Fred Thomas and his wife Lorraine work in self-help construction with local families who are in need of home repair or home building.  Many of the families served have low-income jobs, are elderly, or have disabilities which prevent them from having wage-income. Often the construction sites have no electricity or running water.

Volunteers from White Rock Presbyterian Church have been working side-by-side with members of the House of Fellowship Church since 2008 to build ramps, lay foundations, frame houses, do roofing work, as well as install wood stoves, demolish unsafe structures and paint buildings. 

In the past, tools often had to be borrowed, rented or transported from Los Alamos for the projects. Now, Manny’s Tool Box, housed in a trailer donated by WRPC, can offer the community a wide variety of tools needed for construction work, including a generator for sites with no electricity. Along with the tools, borrowers will also learn new skills in construction from master-builders, Lorraine and Fred Thomas. 

Manny’s Tool Box functions as a self-help program, in which the tool borrower must participate in the construction work and learn new skills in tool maintenance. Each participant is mentored to “pay it forward” and help another community member with home repair and construction projects, using the tools from Manny’s Tool Box.

Members of the Los Alamos community are welcome to join a work weekend on the Navajo Nation or donate to Manny’s Tool Box through White Rock Presbyterian Church. There is more information and a “wish list” of tools (new or used) needed at the church website http://wrpchurch.com/.