Woodroffe Is Best Predictor In Tuesday’s Pace Race



ACRR News:


Laura Woodroffe was the best predictor in Tuesday’s weekly Atomic City Road Runners Pace Race with a 3 second differential from her predicted time. 
The Lawrence E. Wangen Memorial Race was held on the trails behind the Aquatic Center and included a 1 mile paved course and 1 mile and 5K trail distances. Other top predictors included Zach Medin at 8 seconds off, Joan Williams recording a 12 second difference, and Bob Weeks at 15 seconds off his prediction.
In the 1 mile distances, 11-year-old Jason Pieck was first at 9:41 and 7-year-old Savanna Strother was the top female with a time of 11:31.
Ted Romero was the best 5K finisher recording a 23:58 and Roxana Candia was the first female at 26:28.
Next week’s pace race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4 starting at the San Ildefonso Playlot at the junction of San Ildefonso and Barranca Roads on Barranca Mesa. One and 3 mile paved distances will be available. 
For more information, call 505.672.1639 or visit: www.atomicrunners.com.

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