Women’s Continued Pay Gap Spotlighted By National Equal Pay Day April 14

Courtesy/U.S. Dept. of Labor
AAUW News:
National Equal Pay Day is April 14 and AAUW New Mexico is sponsoring forums informing businesses and the legal community about the 2013 NM Fair Pay for Women Act.  

When the Equal Pay Act was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, women were earning an average of 59 cents on the dollar compared to men. While women hold nearly half of today’s jobs and are a growing number of breadwinners in their families, they are still experiencing a gap in pay compared to men’s wages for similar work.

Today, women earn about 78 cents on the dollar compared to men — a gap that results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages. The pay gap is even greater for African-American and Latina women.

Each year, in April, attention is brought to this issue on National Equal Pay Day to reflect how far into the current year many women must work to earn as much as their white male counter parts earned in the previous year — this year that day is April 14.



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