WIPP: Investigation Continues in Room 7

WIPP News:

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) employees are continuing their efforts to develop a system that allows workers to obtain additional video footage, photographs and samples in Room 7 of Panel 7.

The Accident Investigation Board requested this work to gather more information on the waste containers beyond what has already been obtained. To date, the project has been able to examine the first 16 rows of waste containers. After evaluating and testing a variety of options, the Reach team selected a 90-foot carbon adjustable boom with a base that rides on a beam system.

This will allow the examination of 24 rows of waste containers by moving a camera and collection device from wall to wall and also along the length of Room 7.Station A & B sampling results are available.

Laboratory results from samples collected at Station A (before filtration) and Station B (after filtration) continue to show activity levels similar to those seen prior to the Feb. 14 radiological event. For complete results, click here.


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