Williams Is Best Predictor In Weekly Pace Race

Runners gather Tuesday for the ACRR weekly pace race in Rendija Canyon. Courtesy/ACRR

ACRR News:

Ted Williams was the top predictor in the weekly pace race in Rendija Canyon with a 3 second differential off his predicted time. 

Other accurate predictors are: 

  • Robbie Ferenbaugh, 10, at 6 seconds off;
  • Roxana Candia with a 16 second difference and she also is the first female finisher in the 5K distance at 29:42;
  • Zach Medin recording a 17 second differential; and
  • Laura McClellan at 25 seconds off.

On the 1 mile course Adrian Medin, 10, is the best finisher with a time of 8:06 and Anna Ferenbaugh, 12, is the top female at 10:15.

Matthew Kerr is the first finisher on the 5K course recording a 23:17.

Next week’s race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 6 at Pinon (Rocket) Park on Sherwood Avenue across from Smith’s in White Rock. 1 and 3 mile paved courses will be available.

For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit Website.