White: Sheriff Race Comes Down To Three Things

Independent Candidate For Sheriff
The race for Sheriff of Los Alamos comes down to 3 things. First, only one candidate will be a full time Sheriff for part time pay (the others have full time jobs). Second, only one has law enforcement and/or a legal background as well as managed people/offices. Third, only one tells you what they will and won’t do as Sheriff, and is currently doing that. I am that candidate. My name is Greg White. I invite and ask everyone to visit my web page https://greg4sheriff.com.
I am detailed but concise and I have a link to my Facebook page where I have a fundraiser sponsored by FB for one of the agencies that provides resources to our County for suicide prevention. Also a link to my Twitter page (you don’t need a Twitter acct.) where I offer daily words of encouragement.
I never had any desire to be a politician and hate that Sheriffs are considered that. As Sheriff I will consider myself to be a servant and protector of the citizens not a politician. As an Independent (not belonging to any party) I have no party line to tow and no political philosophy to uphold. I will simply uphold the law for ALL citizens and visitors to Los Alamos.
I have been disheartened by people who want to give up their rights fought and paid for by veterans. By people who have no understanding of what they complain about and make assumptions that simply are wrong. By all kinds of false accusations including being called a serial killer. By candidates who are less than truthful in what they say or worse just plain make stuff up as they go. By people who flat out refuse to accept the plain English of Judge Mathew’s order to re-establish a fully functional Sheriff’s Dept. And of course the self described Facebook trolls, and being accused of bullying myself for simply standing up to them. I wouldn’t be a human being if I wasn’t disappointed, but fortunately those people are by far the minority.
I am overjoyed at the huge number of informed and rational people I talk to. I want to thank Mr. Kurt Steinhaus (LAPS Superintendent) for meeting with me to discuss how I can contribute to helping our children. To the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board for allowing me to contribute my ideas as a citizen. And to the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce directors for allowing me to explain how I can assist businesses as Sheriff.
Let me stress this does NOT mean any of these people or groups endorses me. As independent non political community agencies they are available for any citizen to talk to and they do not endorse any candidate. I encourage more citizens to participate in our government and make their voices heard.
I thank you for reading this and voting for me. gregcwhite@att.net