White Rock And Betty Ehart Senior Centers Reopen May 6

A screenshot of the May edition of the LARSO newsletter. Courtesy/LARSO 

Executive Director


As you read this article, James and his crew at Aspen Copies are printing the most coveted document in town, the May edition of the Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization (LARSO) newsletter.

This prized possession will be the only document in town that announces the who, what, where, when, why and how of the re-opening of the White Rock and Betty Ehart Senior Center. The plan is to launch seniors back into their habits starting May 6, final approvals pending.

The past week has been a race to the finish and a push to produce the May edition of the LARSO newsletter, the full scoop on everything senior. Seniors can expect some routine like grabbing a cup of coffee, doing a puzzle or using one of their newest laptops to catchup up on email. There will not be a television to watch at first because members have been home doing that enough during the last year.

This is a graded approach to the return of services and classes. Activities like the drive-thru lunch will continue and May does not include a gathered lunch return.

The opportunities for June might look different as the class list goes out to instructors to see what their schedules allow. All volunteers and instructors/presenters will have to attend new volunteer training before being allowed to provide their services. Additional programs like the Day Out Adult Services also will come back gradually as many additional requirements exist. Patience and understanding is key to the success of all.

Additional classes will be offered at the Betty Ehart Senior Center due to a larger floor plan. White Rock members are welcome to attend and transportation is available. All activities will require a sign-up process depending on the location of the activity. Members will need to call the center where they wish to attend the event. Los Alamos members will need to call the White Rock Senior Center if they desire to use their weight room.

The newsletter is the only tool seniors need to be successful in navigating the re-opening. It’s too hard to address all issues in one information source, but for May, the newsletter, is the only way to know everything, including the new rules.

The hope is that by having all of the information in one location, members will have everything they need at their fingertips. The centers hope to make no large changes until the June newsletter goes out. It will be sent out via USPS, online and posted at www.losalamosseniorcenter.com. Sign-ups for all members begin May 2.