Wheeler Brings Holistic Healing Practice To Los Alamos

Laurie Wheeler

Los Alamos Daily Post


Holistic Practitioner Laurie Wheeler is bringing her practice, Wellness Within, to Los Alamos. She will share office space with Chiropractor Gary Storken at 2610 Trinity Dr. and is in Los Alamos on Wednesdays at present.

Wheeler has been a classical homeopathic practitioner for more than 25 years. She is certified through the California College of Natural Medicine and the British Institute of Homeopathy.

Holistic medicine considers the whole person—body, mind, emotions and spirit— to gain balance in life,” Wheeler explained. “The goal is to uncover the root of the problem and improve health in the most gentle and long lasting way.”

Wheeler began her journey in 1989, when her family was building a new house and became ill from contaminated well water.

When conventional medicine did not provide a solution, she began exploring holistic medicine.

“It helped me and my family,” Wheeler said. “I made my way through the schooling I needed and found my calling.”

At the same time, Wheeler had a spiritual experience that propelled her to discover her gift of seeing into the Unseen Realm. Her studies in many traditions of Shamanistic wisdom led her to add journeys into the Unseen Realm through shamanic journey work, soul retrieval, past life soul regression and between lives regression and dream work.

“Body, mind, spirit—it’s all basically energy.” Wheeler said.

For those unfamiliar with homeopathic treatments, here are of some of the techniques Wheeler uses in her practice:
Homeopathic Medicine is a holistic medicine for the whole individual. It is designed to stimulate a person’s vital force – the natural ability and catalyst for healing. A homeopathic remedy, derived from natural resources, is matched to the imbalance of the person.
Gemmotherapy is a form of homeopathy in lower potencies and is used for cellular cleaning and regeneration of toxic cells.
Flower essences are used to support the emotional stresses and are effective in people of all ages.
Rife therapy emits electrical impulses with different frequencies that vary with health and disease. This therapy is based in the principle that diseases can be treated by tuning in on radio-like frequencies emitted by disease-causing agents and diseased systems within a person. When an item or life form is exposed to a frequency of the same signal, it will start vibrating at the same frequency, creating a breakdown. Each signal is specific to a disease.

Spiritual journeying, another part of Wheeler’s practice and it involves a number of psychic experiences. Wheeler coaches people how to travel to the Unseen Realm, as shamans do around the world.

Shamanic journeys can take place in a group or individually, Wheeler said.

Wheeler guides her clients on the journey, which involves a trance-like state similar to a hypnotic trance. Nearly anyone can achieve this state, Wheeler said.

“We all access alpha and theta brain wave states when we are falling asleep and on waking,” she said.

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what some believe are memories of our past lives.

“Past life regression can help you see yourself in a new way,” Wheeler said. “I take you through several parts of that life time up to the time of death.”

After death, the soul travels to the Unseen Realm from which it can return to another physical body, Wheeler said. One accesses this realm while dreaming.

In the Unseen Realm, one can meet one’s high self, the part that stays in spirit form, Wheeler said.

“It’s magnificent to know your authentic, true self,” she said.

Another part of her practice is Soul Retrieval, which involves a spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease.  
“I work to find missing parts of the soul and return them to the whole soul,” Wheeler said. “I have helping spirit guides that work with me. Traumas in our various lives can cause parts of our soul to go missing. I go into the Unseen Realm to retrieve these parts of the soul.”

Wheeler and her husband moved to New Mexico in October.

“I’ve lived in a lot of places and countries,” she said. “It’s an awesome adventure unfolding. I’m excited to be part of this community. I want to bring this type of healing to Los Alamos.”

During the month of May, Wheeler is offering a free 20-minute consultation, as well as $50 off past life and between lives regression to Los Alamos clients. Contact her at 505.772.0970 or homeopathy2@aol.com.

Learn more by visiting the Wellness Within website at homeopathy2.com.