Web-footed Vigilante Stands Guard at Pet Pangaea

Without law enforcement credentials or being asked by store management to do so, this local goose waddled up to a door at Pet Pangaea, 158 Central Park Square, and began guarding it Thursday. Apparently, word got out among the flock of geese and ducks living at Ashley Pond that Pet Pangaea sells highly nutritious pet food – so this feathered vigilante took it upon himself to protect the coveted merchandise. Customers avoided a potential ankle pecking by exiting through an alternate door. Once the goose felt all was well in the store and the food was in safe hands, he waddled back to Ashley Pond. Courtesy photo

Of course this is all just in fun …..

Pet Pangaea said “we were thinking of getting an attack goose when we saw this photo. But, no attack geese have been here.”


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