VikkiVetCare Brings Mobile Vet Care To Los Alamos

VikkiVetCare owner Dr. Vikki Saga with her furry friend Angie. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos Daily Post

“I’m going mobile!” said Vikki Saga, a veterinarian starting a small animal house call service in Los Alamos.

VikkiVetCare will provide Los Alamos and White Rock families with a convenient, affordable and gentle alternative for basic pet care. House call appointments include services such as general health exams and minor procedures, vaccinations, deworming, general blood testing, heartworm testing and prevention, medications, senior care, behavioral consults, minor grooming, nail trimming, hospice and at home euthanasia. 

“A big advantage of house calls is being able to meet owners and their pets less stressed at home in their daily routine,” Saga said. “No car ride, waiting time or office disruptions with other pets are involved.”

Over the years Dr. Saga has witnessed many instances where owners have expressed they have difficulty just driving their pets to an office visit. Older dogs especially, have trouble jumping in and out of the car or truck and may slip on the floor of the office clinic. Most cats would rather stay put. In addition, being able to schedule at home euthanasia provides the privacy needed for a very difficult and emotional time, she said.

A lot has changed since Saga graduated, the youngest in her class in 1982, she said, but it remains constant that pet owners love their animals and research confirms they love us even more. As progress makes everything more specialized, many owners still want veterinary care to be convenient and affordable. Especially, as pets live longer lives, they want to keep them well and comfortable in their senior years.

“My goal doing house calls is to allow for convenience and compassion,” Saga said. “There are many instances where pet health care and follow-up exams can be done at home. I recently lost my mother due to a major stroke just shy of 85 years. She lived at home and walked most days until the week before she died. She was an avid animal lover who owned many cats who hated car rides. VikkiVetCare, house calls for pets, is dedicated to her memory.”

When needed, evening and weekend appointments are possible. Email, call 505.709.0178 or visit