UPDATE: Chuchu the Lost Dog Has Been Found!

Update: Chuchu the lost dog has been found and reunited with his family!


Chuchu the dog is lost. He was adopted from the Animal Shelter early last week and escaped from his adopter’s home near Urban Park.

He hasn’t been found after thorough searches of the neighborhood and could possibly be trying to find his way back to his former home on North Mesa.

Chuchu is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, medium-sized with a short brown coat. He is probably frightened and not likely to seek safety with humans, but hopefully, hunger and thirst could help him make an exception of that.

Anyone who has seen Chuchu or knows someone who may have taken him in, please call the Los Alamos Animal Shelter at 662-8179 or Sally at 412-3451. After hours, notify the police at 662-8222.


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