UNM-LA Community Ed Adds 17 New Classes To Spring Schedule

Jewelry making is just one of the 17 new classes added to the UNM-LA Community Education’s Spring 2016 schedule. Courtesy/iStock

UNM-LA News:

The Community Education program at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) has added 17 new classes to the Spring 2016 schedule.

printed schedules arrived in mailboxes in Los Alamos and White Rock last week and are also available on the UNM-LA campus as well as in news stands in the area.

The perennial favorites such as yoga, digital photography, Spanish, retirement planning, and test prep classes are still in the lineup, but UNM-LA Community Education Program Coordinator, Lisa Caldwell, has been hard at work arranging new classes and instructors.

“We’re excited about all the new classes and in particular we are thrilled to have Eliana Drew join us in teaching eight new classes this spring,” Caldwell said.

In the Health and Wellness category there are two new Country and Western line dance classes that are sure to have students tapping their toes, stomping their feet, and burning calories.

“We will have students dancing from the moment the class begins, starting with a simple warm-up, progressing into the cardio workout and then gradually the final cool down,” instructor Eliana Drew said.

If Salsa is more your style, Drew also teaches two Solo Salsa classes that incorporate Salsa dance steps in the context of a cardio workout. Not to worry, you don’t need a partner for this class since the moves are presented in combinations that are performed without partners. No previous Salsa experience is necessary, so no excuses for not signing up.

For the more literary types, UNM-LA has added three sections of Later American Literature. The first session covers the 1865–1914 time period, and includes discussions of authors such as Dickinson, Whitman, James, Perkins Gillman, and Chopin to name a few. Session two spans 1914–1945 and includes authors such as Cather, Eliot, Frost, Glaspell, Hemingway, Hughes, Stevens, W.C. Williams, and Richard Wright. The final session explores 1945 to the present featuring Roethke, Bishop, Lowell, Arthur Miller, Baldwin, O’Connor, Ginsberg, Tennessee Williams and others. Catherine Hardy teaches all three sessions.

This class may also be taken for college credit through UNM-LA.

If music is more your thing, take advantage of a unique opportunity to learn the didgeridoo, the traditional instrument of indigenous Australians. Gabe Baca, Community Ed Program Manager says, “Whether for fun or relaxation, a study in the British Medical Journal reports that playing the didgeridoo may benefit those with sleep apnea!”

Creative types will love the two new jewelry-making classes again taught by Eliana Drew. Basic Jewelry Making will take students from beading techniques to wire wrapping and is geared for those who have never made their own jewelry. Drew’s second class, Earth Day Jewelry Workshop, is unique in that tudents are asked to bring old and broken jewelry pieces for the group to share and they will then be repurposed into functional works of wearable art in the end.

Instructor Alana Light will conduct a fun, interactive two-day workshop on sprucing up your home décor for under $300, HGTV style. If you are planning on selling your home, Light will also lead another class called Stage Your Home for Sale, taking it from so-so to spectacular in a single four-hour session.

History buffs rejoice! Aimee Slaughter will teach a fascinating four-session class called Introduction to the History of Technology: Steam Power to Modernity. This class will explore the interconnections between technologies and people in the modern era. See more at https://sites.google.com/site/histsciunmla/.

If you’re into nostalgic radio shows, two classes in Theater of the Mind: Detective Shows and another about Westerns will take students way back by re-enacting actual scripts from radio shows performed in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Eliana Drew will facilitate these two classes as well.

Kids will have something to look forward to this spring in Tween Comic Strip Fun where Eliana Drew will lead one crazy afternoon by mixing and matching comics to create hilarious pages and teaching kids how to think outside the comic strip box.

Drew wraps up her class lineup with The Greeks and Geeks of Rick Riordan where students will write their own fan fiction with other Greek Geeks and then read, act, and pantomime their stories together.

Last but not least is the Introduction to Photoshop, led by UNM-LA’s Tech Support Analyst, DeBray Bailey. Bailey will use this class to teach the basics of the industry standard image editing software to create and prepare images for both print and web output. This class may also be taken for three credit hours.

The class schedule, cost, detailed class descriptions, and online registration are now available at http://losalamos.unm.edu/community-education/index.html.

For more information about UNM-LA Community Education, contact Program Coordinator Lisa Caldwell at 505.662.0346 or by email at commed@unm.edu.