United Church Thrift Shop: Everything Christmas Dec. 4

The United Church Thrift Shop holds its annual Everything Christmas sale Wednesday at 2525 Canyon Road. Courtesy/United Church


This week marks the annual, Everything Christmas sale for the United Church Thrift Shop.

The event is 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m, Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 2525 Canyon Road.

The many volunteers have collected items throughout the year, and hope to have the exact item you have been have been searching for this holiday season.

Norma Puckett is one of those volunteers and knows it takes a village or in this case an army, to accomplish such a monumental task.

“We have had lots of help sorting and pricing the items that have come in,” Puckett said. “We have been hard at work beginning in May, and are anxious to share all the wonderful things.”

Many volunteers have come to gather to set up the many items on display this Wednesday.

The multitude of items includes; ornaments, candles, lights, kitchen items and home decor in all sizes and shapes. There will be holiday clothing, wrapping paper, children’s items and outdoor decorations.

This event is organized down to a science, after many, many years of practice. They believe they offer great value and this year may be the biggest sale they have ever held.

The benefit of the sale doesn’t end with the one-day event. The United Church Thrift store pays their benefit forward, by helping other organizations that do good.

“Proceeds from the sale will go to charities in Northern New Mexico starting right here in Los Alamos with LA Cares, Family Strengths Network, Family Council and many others in Los Alamos,” Puckett said. “A complete list of all 27 charities in the area will be on display at the sale.”

United Church

Community members also are invited to attend church services at the United Church this holiday season. The United Church of Los Alamos began in 1947 and represents six denominations. The motto of the church is, “United in Our Faith Journey”. Learn more about the history, take a peek at weekly sermons and read newsletters at www.unitedchurchla.org.