United Church Hosts Silent, Live Auctions Sunday

Photo by Katherine Elton
UCLA News:
This Sunday, local adults and youth hope you will head over to the United Church of Los Alamos and join them, along with members the Unitarian Universalist Church, for a silent and live auction. The auctions are an attempt to raise funds for the teams to build homes during spring break.
This year the team will build two single homes and one double. The builds will be the new homes for three families ranging in size from three to 10 members. A silent auction is 2-3 p.m. with a live auction beginning at 3 p.m., called by local auctioneer Mike Lipiatt.
Some items include; an upright piano, a pool table, exercise equipment, silver tea services, paintings by Betty Nance Smith, pottery, a quilt, dollhouses and collectible dolls. One special item in the live auction is a Native American black pot from the Santa Clara Pueblo.
Los Alamos High School student Katherine Elton attended last year and even though the work was hard, she said she really enjoyed participating.
“I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to connect with the families,” Elton said. “I saw the progress we’d made throughout the week, and getting to see the improvements we’d made to the families’ lives.”
The week starts with a long trip, followed by concrete day, framing day, roofing day and handing off the keys to the families. Once the team makes it through concrete day, where the things are done by hand to help show that anything is possible, the rest of the week may actually seem like a rest.
The trip is phenomenal when young people can see how truly lucky they are in their daily lives. It is an unspoken theme when they see how very different things are with a simple cross of a border.
“For example, sometimes I don’t remember how much I have compared to other people or how small my problems are compared to theirs,” Elton said. “It’s a good reality check for me to be able to see.”
Elton highlighted the living conditions people endure daily without complaint and then got to receive the sheer joy of handing the keys of a new home to a family as a gift from one friend to another.
So, this weekend the funds will be raised for supplies for the build, gas for the trip and food for the week of camping in the beautiful, sandy lots of Puerto Penasco.