Two Firsts And Only For Los Alamos Company!


LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is the first and only company in Los Alamos to be officially recognized by the state as New Mexico True Certified.

This means, quoting directly the requirements:

“The New Mexico True Certified program brings national attention to the quality, care and craftsmanship behind products that are uniquely New Mexican.”

Patrons will see the New Mexico True Certified logo on the LA Soup and Specialty Foods website for meals that meet the strict requirements. For more information on the program, see the website.

LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC also is the first to offer personal phone calls for customers who don’t have computers and want a reminder every Monday morning regarding the menu for that week. Afterwards they can call in their order for delivery on Thursday afternoon. If interested in this service call Monica at 505.913.1500.

LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is here so you can have a lifestyle and a life. You can eat well, and still have time for the things you love. Check out our menu, select an option that suits you and we’ll get it over to you on selected days. Order enough for the weekend. LA Soup and Specialty Foods, LLC is a gourmet food delivery service in White Rock and Los Alamos. Full service Catering available at or email