Twelve LAHS Seniors Named National Merit Finalists

The 12 Los Alamos High School Senior finalists for the National Merit Scholarship Awards in order from top left, Maximilian Corliss, Filippo Delzanno, Karin Ebey, Mirabelle Gerts, Shena Han, Anthony Lestone, Griffin Light, Aidan McCleskey, Konstantin Nelson, Audrey Nolen, Isaac Ortega and Andrew West. Screenshot/LAHS

LAHS News:

Twelve Los Alamos High School seniors have been named finalists in the 2021 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards.

Approximately 7,500 National Merit Scholarship winners will be selected from the group of more than 15,000 Finalists. Merit Scholar designees are selected on the basis of their skills, accomplishments, and potential for success in rigorous college studies, without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, or religious preference.

Three types of National Merit Scholarships will be offered in the spring of 2021. Every Finalist will compete for one of 2,500 National Merit® $2500 Scholarships that will be awarded on a state-representational basis.

About 1,000 corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards will be provided by approximately 220 corporations and business organizations for Finalists who meet their specified criteria, such as children of the grantor’s employees or residents of communities where sponsor plants or offices are located.

In addition, about 180 colleges and universities are expected to finance some 4,100 college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards for Finalists who will attend the sponsor institution.

National Merit Scholarship winners of 2021 will be announced in four nationwide news releases beginning in April and concluding in July. These scholarship recipients will join more than 353,000 other distinguished young people who have earned the Merit Scholar title.