TOTH: Does God Answer Prayers?

The Generations Band performs Sunday at Trinity on the Hill. Courtesy photo
Trinity on the Hill

Do you believe in prayer? Do you struggle when your prayers aren’t answered—or at least, not answered the way you want them to be? If so, you’re not alone—we all struggle with prayer in some way.

Mother Alicia Pope will be talking about this topic in our next service on Jan. 26 at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church. A free (that’s right—free!) dinner starts us off at 5:15 p.m.; then the service begins at 6:07 p.m. with a live praise-and-worship band and music.

Some people have stopped believing in God or have felt that God betrayed them, let them down, or abandoned them because their prayers were not answered. Sometimes well-meaning Christians say “you just need to have more faith,” leaving people feeling more frustrated than they were before. This teaching will explore prayer: what it is, what it is not, why some prayers are answered and some are not, God’s timing of prayers, and finally, how to handle those times when prayers are not answered or not answered in the way we hoped. 

EVERYBODY is welcome—so come help us rock the house of God in prayer and praise!