Topper Basketball Plays In Capitol City Tournament

Brian Irwin goes in for a layup in the 2nd quarter and is in heavy traffic. The Topper boys played the Santa Fe High Demons in the first game of the tournament and lost 61-24 to the Demons who dominated the game on both offense and defense. The Toppers moved into the consolation side of the bracket after their loss. The Bobby Rodriquez Capitol City Tournament is an annual tournament played in the Toby Roybal Gymnasium on the campus of the Santa Fe High School. Photo by John McHale/

Gavin Campos has the ball stripped as he makes an attempt for a shot. The Demons defense all but shut down the Topper offense. Photo by John McHale/

Elijah Ortiz grabs a loose ball under the Topper basket in the 2nd quarter and scores with the shot that followed. Photo by John McHale/

Wesley Stanfield closely guarded by Carios Quintana fowled in the 3rd quarter. Photo by John McHale/

Gavin Campos goes in for his signature layup in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. Photo by John McHale/