Tonight’s Council Meeting Expected to Finalize Capital Projects

Council Chambers begins to fill up with project supporters. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff report

Tonight’s County Council meeting is 30 minutes from starting and Council Chambers is filling up fast with supporters of certain capital projects under consideration.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to discuss and decide which of these eight capital projects approved in May 2012 should be deferred and for what period of time.

The Council’s adopted budget guidance is to defer some projects up to four years and up to $12.5 million in order to assist with currently projected shortfalls.

The projects that will be considered for deferral include:

  • Ashley Pond Park Improvements
  • Teen Center
  • Nature Center
  • Eastern Area Sound Wall
  • Golf Course Improvements
  • White Rock Civic Center
  • Canyon Rim Trail
  • Ice Rink Improvements

As outlined in the previous Council budget guidance discussion, the deferral of CIP projects will accomplish two things.

First, it will help to bolster the General Fund’s reserves at a time that revenues have dropped sharply and reserves are projected to fall below required levels.

Second, it will delay the addition of new operating costs as the County seeks to find a new balance for general operations with a lower level of revenues.

Los Alamos County Council members from left, Rick Reiss, Kristin Henderson, Chair Geoff Rodgers, Pete Sheehey, Fran Berting, Vice Chair David Izraelevitz and Steve Girrens. Courtesy/LAC

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