Time Out Pizzeria Acquires Sporty Delivery Car

Time Out Pizzeria owners Omar and Trisha Sanchez today with their brand new sporty delivery vehicle at their eatery in White Rock. Courtesy photo


Time Out Pizzeria owners Omar and Trisha Sanchez just acquired a brand new sporty delivery vehicle for their restaurant at 118 State Road 4 in White Rock. They plan to purchase a second sporty vehicle for their location at 1350 Central Ave., in Los Alamos.

The couple have owned the White Rock location since 2007. They modeled it after one of Omar’s favorite childhood restaurants in Roswell. He was inspired by the restaurant’s display of local memorabilia, which he felt gave a real sense of community.

They had a vision of creating a retro arcade and billiard room, where families could play and eat together. Over time, they added air hockey, pool tables and a menagerie of retro-style arcade games to create the family-oriented hangout that exists today.

They envisioned a restaurant that would have ample space for sports teams, birthday parties, family celebrations, along with a conference space for meetings. Several large flat screen TVs adorn the walls to showcase major sporting events and a sound system that gives patrons that front row seat feeling.

In fact, much of the décor in the restaurant’s arcade room comes from Omar’s family farm in Roswell. Antique bikes, signs, toy cars and trucks and figurines line the walls and ceiling. Some of the toys actually belonged to Omar or his siblings when they were children.

Los Alamos sports memorabilia occupies the rest of the wall space. Local athletes, past and present, have donated Hilltopper jerseys, letterman jackets, helmets and signed team photos. Omar and Trisha expressed their desire to continually add more to their collection. Local memorabilia donations are always welcome.

In the summer of 2014, the second location opened in Los Alamos, next door to the Bradbury Science Museum. The community has warmly welcomed them.

At the second location, they offer the same type of atmosphere and menu as their first location, as well as a 14’ Shuffle Board table. They have incorporated into their restaurants the largest salad bar in the community and offer the best of entertainment and food value in the area.

They hope to continue to provide White Rock and Los Alamos with a local hangout where people of all ages can take time out for themselves.