Three Small Businesses Selected for Los Alamos National Laboratory Environmental Work

Subcontract worth up to $250 million over five years:

Los Alamos National Laboratory has awarded a master task order agreement for up to $250 million to three small businesses with offices in Northern New Mexico.

The agreement is for services related to the transportation and disposal of hazardous and radioactive waste.

The companies include Portage, Inc., ARS Cavanagh Environmental Services, LLC and Navarro Research & Engineering, Inc.

“Safely handling and transporting waste containers is an important part of our environmental cleanup efforts at Los Alamos,” said Pete Maggiore, assistant manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Los Alamos Site Office Environmental Projects Office.

Individual tasks include such activities as preparing waste containers for shipment, loading the containers onto trucks, transporting them to disposal locations, and ensuring that shipments comply with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations.

Under the agreement, the Laboratory will either assign work to the three prequalified companies or will ask the companies to bid on tasks.

Waste materials at the Laboratory include soil removed from cleanup sites such as canyons or landfills, debris from the demolition of old buildings, and chemical or other hazardous wastes. Some of these materials may include trace or low levels of radioactive material.

Waste materials also include transuranic waste generated from national security missions. By law, this waste must be properly examined, certified, and packaged for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant repository in Southern New Mexico.

Andy Baumer, program manager for the Environmental Programs Waste Projects and Services organization at the Laboratory, noted that the companies have the knowledge and experience to safely treat, package, and transport the waste for disposal in accordance with approved permits and other requirements.

“These companies have the demonstrated safety records and expertise to meet stringent federal requirements for treating and disposing of the waste,” he said. “They will be valuable partners in the Lab’s ability to dispose of the waste safely and efficiently.”

The Laboratory expects to award two more master task order agreements for additional environmental cleanup-related work later this year.

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