Three Seats, Six Candidates, Who Will Best Serve Los Alamos…

The Los Alamos Daily Post is sponsoring a County Council Candidates Forum live from 6-7:30 p.m. today on PAC 8 television (Comcast Cable Channel 8 and streamed online at

The 90-minute Forum is designed to introduce the community to the six candidates running for the three seats coming vacant at the end of this year.  

Marc Clay, Vincent Chiravalle, Kristin Henderson, Ken Johnson, Pete Sheehey and Roger Waterman will speak about their backgrounds, experience and motivations for seeking such an important position in County government.

The candidates also will reveal where they stand on issues critical to Los Alamos through their answers to a series of questions asked by panelists, Publisher Carol A. Clark of the Los Alamos Daily Post, Stan Primak of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and Columnist/Reporter Greg Kendall of the Los Alamos Daily Post. 

Tonight’s forum is the first opportunity of this political season to learn who these people are and decide which would best represent the community’s interests on the Los Alamos County Council.

In addition to tonight’s live broadcast, the Forum will be digitally recorded and available for public access on the Los Alamos Daily Post through the November General Election.

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