Threatening Graffiti At Los Alamos High School

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LAHS Student Intern
Los Alamos Daily Post

Last week, anonymous threats were confronted at Los Alamos High School following the discovery in a boy’s bathroom stall of graffiti announcing the intent of “shooting up the school”.

Teachers and students were ordered to take serious safety precautions starting Wednesday, March 2. Third period class was interrupted by an alarming announcement over the intercom, with Principal Brad Parker informing students and staff about the serious situation.

Classes were told to lock the doors while in session, students were prohibited from leaving the classroom for any extended periods of time and instruction must be delayed until the student(s) return.

Many teens at the school were anxious and scared over the week, anticipating something to happen. Rumors among the student body began to spread that “something was going to happen” Friday, March 5.

Teachers and staff began to hear these rumors and immediately took action. They gave students pieces of paper and told them to anonymously write what they had heard in regard to the threats. They used these comments to trace back any evidence of similar handwriting in comparison to the graffiti.

All students received an email Thursday night from the school saying that if they and /or their parents felt uneasy about sending their kids to school Friday, that they should keep them home and away from any potential harm.

Due to the fear and worry among students and parents, about 50 percent of students did not attend school Friday. Fortunately, no actions from the threats happened.

Los Alamos takes the safety of the students very seriously and only wishes the best for the environment of the school. Police and staff did an exceptional job in ensuring the safety of the school. Investigations were successful in finding a suspect. The student who was caught will be suspended from the school and Los Alamos police and the school are conducting an investigation into a second graffiti threat incident.

Students here are blessed with a wonderful staff and security that puts the safety of the students as their first priority.