Think New Mexico: Walmart Stops Taxing Delivered Food


It has been less than a week since we called out Walmart for continuing to tax the sale of delivered groceries after our reform law took effect repealing that tax, and Walmart has apologized and committed to stop taxing delivered food – as well as to work on reimbursing customers for the food tax they paid.

We wish we got results on all of our initiatives this quickly!

Here is an excerpt from the Las Cruces Sun News article describing Walmart’s change of heart:

“William Turner, a Las Cruces resident, noticed a $6.50 tax on his $96.30 Walmart order receipt on July 14 [two weeks after a new law took effect that included delivered groceries in New Mexico’s food tax exemption]. A woman in Rio Rancho found a tax on her order that same week. Turner said he had been following Think New Mexico’s push for the bill, which partly made him realize the continued tax in the first place.

A Walmart spokesperson gave a statement to the Sun-News about the tax.

“After receiving clarification from the state on the new tax exemption law, we are working to remove assessment of sales tax on eligible delivered food items. We apologize for the confusion.”

The spokesperson didn’t give a specific timeline regarding when shoppers will see this change enacted.

Walmart will be working toward reimbursing incorrectly charged customers as well, the company stated. Read the article here.

Many thanks to those of you who emailed the Attorney General and the Secretary of Taxation and Revenue to report your experiences being charged tax on food delivered from Walmart. Your active involvement is critically important to the work we do to pass – and implement – good policies for all New Mexicans.

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