The Trouble with ‘Trouble with the Curve’…

Trouble with the Curve
Movie Review by Dr. Seva SSS Khalsa, DOM, L.Ac.

Have you ever thrown out a puzzle onto your kitchen table and picked up a few pieces that kindalooked like they’d fit?

You know the predictable pieces like a romance (Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams), a curmudgeon of an old man (Clint), a star egotistical high school baseball player, a loving standup friend to Clint (John Goodman), an evil computer baseball executive who wants to put Clint out to pasture all surrounding our beloved game of baseball.

Now don’t get me wrong; I love baseball, Amy Adams is cute, Clint is Clint … but after about 15 minutes, it all started to look like the typical scripted Hollywood movie, appealing to everyone and really not satisfying anyone (at least not me.)

Well-shot in pretty, green environments (can’t help but appreciate that!), we find Clint fumbling and grumbling his way in his small tidy house somewhere in mid-America, slowly losing his sight, when his friend John Goodman stops by and wants him to consider … (gulp) retirement!

Clint will have nothing to do with it. Eventually, hard working, intelligent, soon-to-be-made-a-partner-in-her-law-firm Amy Adams comes to help struggling Dad.

But we quickly learn there is tension between the two. Justin Timberlake will be overcome with Amy Adams’ attractive, cute, executive manner; the “bad guys” will get their come-uppance; Clint will prove himself once again, and we can all go home happy that all ends well in Hollywood Land.

Just be sure to have a soda and popcorn handy to keep you awake and satisfied. There were several times when I could feel my mind wandering with some of the dialogue. Not much creative writing here; just the typical, all too common, tear-jerking sentimentality.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie. I just got tired of the syrupy sweet plot; some unpleasant moments covered up with honey. I thought it could have been so much more.

But that wasn’t the goal from the beginning. If you’re looking for a real baseball movie, go rent Moneyball with Brad Pitt. If you don’t want to tax yourself, this is the movie for you.

Your intrepid movie-goer,

Dr. Seva SSS Khalsa, DOM, L.Ac.

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