‘The Performance Myth’ at TOTH Sunday

Lisa-Jo Dunham, Lisa Rothrock, and Jennifer Griffin of the Generations Band performing at Trinity on the Hill. Photo by TK Thompson
The Generations Band from left, Joe Fawcett (lead guitar), Maryann Blackhart (projection), Lisa-Jo Dunham (vocalist), Lisa Rothrock (vocalist), Jennifer Griffin (vocalist), Joash Inoferio (drummer), Jason Osborn (bass guitar), Mark Hartman (sound), and Rick Rothrock (video). Photo by TK Thompson
The Performance Myth
By Maryann Blackhart

Christmas is coming—hooray! The Generations service at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church is this Sunday, Dec. 8 at 6:07 p.m, starting with a free dinner at 5:15 p.m. in Kelly Hall. We provide free daycare, too.

Mother Alicia Pope will be talking about “The Performance Myth.” Many of us feel that we fall short in life. Mother Alicia reminds us this Christmas that, “During Daniel’s time (606 BC), the Babylonia culture valued beauty, youth, status, and intelligence. The king’s plan was to have his greatest men be the handsome, young, rich, powerful, and most intelligent. God’s plan was for the greatest to be the ones who loved, honored, followed, obeyed, and cherished Him.”

Christmas is a time to give: to give honor and thanks to God for the gift of His Son through the love and respect of yourself and others. As Mother Alicia says, “Our culture today still teaches that love, status, respect, approval, and affection are earned, so we find ourselves feeling lost, rejected, empty, and meaningless when we can’t meet these values.

Join us to discover what Daniel discovered several thousand years ago: a relationship with a living God is a far better life and standard to live for than living our lives stuck in the performance myth.

Generations will return to its regular schedule of the second and fourth Sundays every month starting in January. And for those of you who missed an amazing dulcimer and Celtic drum performance by Jonathan and Tessa Dowell at the Oct. 27 service, Jonathan will return to perform with Generations for this Christmas service (and again March 9—just in time for a full Celtic service celebrating St. Patrick’s Day). See you Dec. 8, and help us Rock the House of God!

Merry Christmas, and may God richly bless you—in this season of Christ and always.