The Importance Of Voting Valerie Plame Into Congress

Drs. Tom Csanadi and Marvel Harrison earlier this year working on the medical team of the Semester At Sea World Odyssey. Courtesy photo

By Tom Csanadi, MD and
Marvel Harrison, PhD

For nearly four decades we served the health needs of Northern New Mexico through Public Health, Indian Health Service and private practice, supporting patient families throughout Rio Arriba, Los Alamos and Santa Fe Counties with pediatric and behavioral healthcare.

We raised our children in New Mexico and regardless of where on the globe we work and roam at this stage of our career and lives we care deeply for the people and needs of the 3rd Congressional District. Our property, business interests, concern for families and votes remain in Northern New Mexico.

A vote for Valerie Plame is a vote for education, employment, the environment, equality – in health care, women’s rights and income.

It doesn’t take deep roots in district three to realize the needs of our communities. Having raised her children in Santa Fe and dedicating her time and resources to community based organizations, Valerie understands the challenges of our district. She recognizes the significant struggles with deaths of despair – alcoholism, opiod overdoses and deaths by suicide. These are deep seeded concerns that have plagued our families, neighbors and friends before the pandemic and are now intensified. Despair is wrought in disparity. This can only be overcome through education, economic development, income equality and rightfully in a protected environment.

Valerie has much needed experience with LANL, has worked for years to support early childhood education in Northern New Mexico, recognizes the value of caring for the environment and each other with raw authenticity.

Vote for a person who knows how Washington works, has tremendous experience in dealing with crisis and has the integrity to represent us and lead with her head as well as her heart. Valerie has a backbone, not a wishbone. She has the courage to speak truth to power. No wonder the ‘Dark Money’ is terrified of Valerie representing us in Congress. We need a strong, informed, smart voice to protect our environment, support education and navigate economic development.

Voting for Valerie,

Tom Csanadi, MD
Marvel Harrison, PhD

PS – The vile hate ads sponsored by out of state dark money, specifically the one produced by Alliance to Combat Extremism is nothing short of a professional mercenary political attack. This hatred has no place in Northern New Mexico politics. Anyone, regardless of who you support, who is not raising their voice to condemn the ads is a bystander and colluding with the hate message. This is especially true of any candidate in the race who is too cowardly to speak up. We need a representative in Congress with courage.

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