Ten Moons Collective Community Birth Care Survey


Ten Moons Collective invites the community to take the Los Alamos County Community Birth Care Survey. Ten Moons created this survey to foster understanding among community members and stakeholders around local birth preferences and needs.

The information collected from this survey will be reported in aggregate—without personally identifying features—to community stakeholders, such the Los Alamos County Council, Los Alamos Community Health Council (LACHC), BabyNet Subcommittee of the LACHC, Los Alamos Medical Center and any other interested parties.

Results will be provided at tenmoonscollective.com for anyone to view. Neither Ten Moons Collective nor its members are benefiting financially from the administration or outcome of this survey.

There are 16 questions, 11 multiple choice and five open-ended questions, that should take 10 minutes or so to complete. Please answer as many questions as you feel comfortable. All survey responses will be kept completely anonymous.

To take the Survey click here.