Teen Loses Control of Vehicle on Canyon Road

Skid marks map the trail traveled by an out-of-control vehicle driven by a teenager involved in a one-car crash this morning on Canyon Road. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost.com

By Greg Kendall

At approximately 8 a.m. this morning, Friday Nov. 2, a white honda accord driven by a 17-year-old Los Alamos boy hit a guard-rail while heading southbound on Canyon Road. 

No injuries were reported in the one-car accident in which the teen’s vehicle reportedly skidded across the two-lane road approximately 100 yards before spinning around and coming to a stop in front of the United Church of Los Alamos.

Canyoncito Montessori School is next door to the church and children had begun arriving for school when the accident accurred.

“They go so fast down here [Canyon Road] and the same with Rose Street. It’s dangerous all the time … school gets out and it’s just awful, ” said Mardell Schmiedicke, the secretary at Canyoncito.

Canyoncito Principal Mary Ann Schnedler said, “Our school has about 55 children, we have preschool 2 year olds through 6th grade and it is very dangerous. When we go to the library or the swimming pool, there are no crosswalks. We want to cross where we have access to sidewalks. If you notice there are no crosswalks [or sidewalks] here. We have to walk through the [south] parking lot, where construction is going on and then cross at the corner crosswalk where traffic is coming from three directions and is very difficult. People just go too fast and it is a bad corner. I would love some kind of a sign, either slowdown signs or school zone signs. We have been to the County, it was a long time ago, when we asked about getting some kind of signage. We have had to call the police a few times and they are good and they will do a patrol and watch for speeders.” 

Schnedler went on to say, “It’s very dangerous and we don’t know what else to do. A couple of my parents said that they were glad there weren’t any kids out there [this morning.] We open at 7 a.m.  We worry about the parents unloading here [pointing to the area where the car came to rest] because of construction in the parking lot. “

Edie Ramsdell, who was at Canyoncity this morning said, “Even if this wasn’t a school here, people go whipping down here like it’s a highway. The school being here makes it even worse. It’s been this way for years.”  (Schnedler noted that the school has been here since the early 1970’s.)

Ramsdel went on to say, “I’m from Illinois and there are Catholic schools all over my town and they have those flashing lights.”

The teen driver of the car appeared uninjured and refused transport to Los Alamos Medical Center.

The car was undrivable and was towed away from the scene.

The car came to rest near the front of the Canyoncito Montessori School where children were arriving for classes. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost.com
Skid marks and guard-rail scrapes where the car initially hit. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost.com

Firefighters from LAFD Engine 6 used fire extinguishers to make sure no fire ignited in the damaged vehicle’s engine compartment. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost.com



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