Tales Of Our Times: Pioneering Greens Report From Siberia

Tales of Our Times
New Mexico Citizens
for Clean Air & Water
Pioneering Greens Report From Siberia
One day in the mid-1990s, my answering machine spoke from Pittsburgh. I heard: “Through my engineering business, I have a letter for you from a Russian friend who heads an environmental group.” Thus came the letter to NMCCA&W from Mr. V. V. Bordunov, President of the ALiOM Club, a citizens group at work for clean air and water in Tomsk, which lies halfway between Moscow and Korea. 
Mr. Bordunov wrote in clear words about their effective citizen action. I soon replied with reports of our methods and progress made. No further word came from the worthy AliOM Club.
The letter and its story from afar are intriguing on several levels. Above all, keep wondering how the Club in Tomsk may be doing today. Enjoy:
Dear Mr. Bartlit, We were pleased to learn about the activity of your non-governmental society of scientists and engineers whose motto is clean air and water.
Our ALiOM Club was established in 1986 and registered officially as a public organization in 1990. Among its members are rectors, professors and heads of departments of Universities, heads of laboratories of academic institutes, representatives of public organizations, of the Committee for Ecology of the Tomsk Oblast Administration, Sanitary-Epidemiological Inspection, and managers of companies involved in waste recycling business.
The major goals of the club are as follows:
* development of efficient nature management strategy
* public evaluation of development projects and operating enterprises
* development of bills and promotion of legislative initiatives through club members who are legislative officers of regional, oblast and federal dumas
* public ecological education and enlightenment through mass media
Our club has been involved in evaluation of the Krapivinskoye reservoir development project on the Tom’ river and an oil refinery project. Our experts have developed (an) Environmental Protection Program for the city of Tomsk and a general concept of the Tomsk Oblast Environmental Protection Program and Program of Industrial Waste Reclamation in Tomsk and Tomsk Oblast. Members of the Club authored a monograph and three textbooks for ecological education for school students, and a monograph on conceptual fundamentals underlying the solution of the stable social development program.
We have delivered a great number of public lectures on current ambient conditions in the Tomsk Oblast and the amount and harmfulness of industrial waste from local factories.
It is planned to put into operation a municipal thermoplastic waste and disposable syringe recycling plant using our proprietary waste reclamation processes to produce petroleum derivative sorbents for water purification.
We would be happy to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with your company. We believe it would be worthwhile to exchange views and information and combine our efforts in civilized strive of scientific community for safe environment.
We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest convenience.
With very best regards to your colleagues and yourself.
Sincerely yours, V.V. Bordunov, President, ALiOM Club