Take Survey and Help LA Beer Co-operative Plan Future Operations

Members of the Los Alamos Beer Co-op solicited memberships and enjoyed favorite beverages at last winter’s Skiesta event. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com

LABC News:

The Los Alamos Beer Co-operative wants to establish a brewery and a taproom in Los Alamos as a place for the community to gather and enjoy locally handcrafted beer.

The Beer Co-op also will support and promote the local craft beer community and already has about 125 members and is recruiting more every day.

The Beer Co-operative is conducting a survey to gauge the interest of the Los Alamos community in regards to services to be offered at the potential brewery. The survey is short and easy to take. Help the Beer Co-op figure out the best combination of services for Los Alamos. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/npuzjl8.

The Beer Co-op will operate on the same model as the Los Alamos Food Co-op, board member Steve Watts said. Watts is general manager of the Food Co-operative Market.

“At first, people thought we’d be doing all the work,” Watts said. “That’s not the case. We’ll own it, not run it. We’ll hire a staff to run the business.”

A co-operative is a business that is owned and directed by its membership.

A member of the Los Alamos Beer Co-operative will have a say in how the brewery and taproom are operated, be able to elect the board of directors, and help set the long term goals and policies of the co-op.

There are several ways to participate in the Beer Co-op. Lifetime memberships are $250, plus tax. Not only will this earn special discounts and benefits, Lifetime Members will be equity share-holders, eligible to share in potential profits.

Annual memberships are $50 plus tax and will expire one year after the Beer Co-op opens for business. Annual members will have full participation and voting rights as Co-op members.

People can also support the Beer Co-op by purchasing Class B investment shares at $100 plus tax. Visit www.losalamosbeer.coop to learn more.


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