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Ee Cj T-Mobile Presents $22K Hometown Grant For Co-Op Park

T-Mobile Presents $22K Hometown Grant For Co-Op Park

Scene from T-Mobile Hometown Grant check presentation Friday at the Co-Op Park at 1010 Central Ave. Those gathered include representatives from T-Mobile, Keep It Co-Op, Los Alamos MainStreet, LACDC and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

A crowd gathers for the T-Mobile Hometown Grant check presentation Friday at the Co-Op Park. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

T-Mobile News:

Representatives from T-Mobile traveled to Los Alamos Friday to present a $22,000 T-Mobile Hometown Grant at an event at the Los Alamos Co-Op Park at 1010 Central Ave.

Created to help local communities move forward on projects that build on the strengths that have always made them great places to live and work, the company’s Hometown Grants are inspired by the unique sense of place and deep pride that is so much a part of every small town.

“The Chamber and MainStreet were pleased to submit this successful application for the T-Mobile Hometown Grant to support the Los Alamos Co-Op Park,” Chamber Director Ryn Herrmann said.

The grant will support the Co-Op Park creative greenspace project created by local co-ops for community gathering, with a small performance stage and to include a classroom for local and regional safe, outdoor community use.

“In March 2022 we will begin our Phase 2 Campaign with a goal of raising $55,000, which will build the stage canopy, stage electric and solar panels,” said Los Alamos Public Schools Credit Union CEO/President Matt Schmidt, a member of Keep it Co-Op. “This generous $22,000 grant from T-Mobile puts us well on our way to reaching our goal of having the park run on the sun!

Keep it Co-Op is an association of co-ops headquartered in and around Los Alamos that support the new Co-Op Park, a multi-use outdoor recreation area at 1010 Central Ave. The new park will be a go-to venue for a variety of public uses, including concerts, food events, recreation, a community garden, space for outdoor youth education and just a quiet place to have lunch.

“So, how can you help support our park? It’s as easy as telling a friend about our Co-Op or visiting www.cooppark.org to donate,” Schmidt said.

Los Alamos County Council Chair Randall Ryti said he was pleased to hear Los Alamos Keep It Co-op was successful in obtaining this grant for the Co-Op Park.

“This will help to bring this park further to completion and enjoyment by the community and continue to fulfill Council’s goals in the sale and development of this property,” Ryti said. 

T-Mobile Hometown Grants is just one of the many initiatives underscoring T-Mobile’s commitment to rural America. More than just bringing wireless, T-Mobile wants to be part of the community and help small towns thrive.

Today, T-Mobile announced the names of 25 more American small towns that will receive Hometown Grants to jumpstart vital community projects, including Los Alamos:

  • Aliquippa, Pa.: Build a recreational park at 3rd Ave Park to provide a dedicated space for children to play safely.
  • Augusta, Maine: Public art project enabling partners to create and display 25 uniquely painted fiberglass Sturgeons.
  • Beaver Falls, Pa.: Create a children’s museum project to support equitable education.
  • Chillicothe, Mo.: Silver Moon Plaza beautification project including outdoor amenities like park benches, streetscaping, trash receptacles, bike racks and brick pavers.
  • Clovis, N.M.: A walking track for all at Clovis Community College to be used by students, staff, and community members for exercise year-around.
  • Cosmopolis, Wash: A park beautification project that is a cooperative effort between The Friends of Highland Park and the City of Cosmopolis, which converts an outdated and underutilized city park into an all-inclusive park with a focus on healthy, creative, physical play, social and emotional opportunities, making it a destination for everyone of all ages in our community.
  • Elizabeth City, N.C.: Restore/reactivate a football field for youth flag football and other community sports.
  • Ephraim, Utah: A park built for all, the city will transform an old run-down playground into an all-abilities playground with features that will be new, accessible, diverse, and cater to the recreational needs for all, including those with disabilities.
  • Kennesaw, Ga.: Adding wheelchair accessible swings to a community park to provide a play area for youth of all abilities.
  • Lander, Wyo.: To develop land that will become the future Popo Agie River Park, reducing current park overcrowding and increasing outdoor recreation opportunities for future generations.
  • Marion, S.C.: Park enhancements to honor the legacy of Clementa Pinckney and the victims of the Emanuel AME massacre with technology and education tie-in.
  • Mason City, Iowa: Massive town beautification project including completion of an all-inclusive river walk
  • Murray, Ky.: Downtown beautification of Imagination Alley and court square including art murals and free wi-fi access.
  • Oak Harbor, Wash.: Re-building the lagoon dock, a community gathering place in Windjammer Park, for year-around enjoyment and ADA accessibility.
  • Pineville, Mo.: Continued development of a student chamber-led entrepreneurial program for high school students to gain hands-on business knowledge by marketing and operating their own coffee shop.
  • Port Royal, S.C.: Wetlands boardwalk, Amphitheater and Observation deck; nice focus on natural resources.
  • Prestonsburg, Ky.: Revitalize square with art murals, ADA seating and emergency sound system.
  • Saint Albans, W.Va.: Saint Albans Roadside Park wheelchair accessible merry-go-round installation.
  • Stuart, Va.: Addition of public wi-fi access to primary business corridors within historic district.
  • Village of Arcade, N.Y.: Construct ADA restrooms for a park and softball field.
  • Village of Wausaukee, Wis.: Community Center library renovation.
  • Washington, N.J.: Build a community center to aid Habitat for Humanity.
  • West Bend, Wis.: Renovation of 85-year-old Regner Park Beach House into a four-season, multipurpose community facility.
  • Yates Center, Kan.: Renovate community center basement for expanded community and business incubator use.

Chamber Director Ryn Herrmann and Los Alamos MainStreet submitted the winning grant application to T-Mobile to support Keep It Co-Op and was on hand Friday to celebrate during the check award presentation. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

Javier Vigil of T-Mobile and Los Alamos Public Schools Credit Union CEO/President Matt Schmidt celebrate the T-Mobile Hometown Grant Friday at the Co-Op Park. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com