Sustainability Tip: Recycle Glass to Take Green Step Forward

Weekly Sustainability Tip:

Recycle Your Glass to Take a Green Step Forward in Your Household

Participate in the local glass drop-off recycling program by collecting your glass at home and dropping it off at one of the four yellow dumpsters located around town at Sullivan Field, the Co-op, Overlook Park Convenience Center, or the Eco Station. 

Remember glass bottles and jars only, any color. All of the glass recycled is pulverized at the Eco Station creating small pebbles known as glass cullet. Glass cullet is given away for free at the Eco Station to County residents and can be used for landscaping projects, or other projects around the house. 

In the 10 months the new program has been operating, more than 200,000 pounds of glass has been diverted from the landfill. 

Start recycling your glass, or if you are already participating, help spread the word by making sure all your friends and family are doing the same. 

Sustainability Tip provided by the Los Alamos County Environmental Services Division

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