Sue Elkins has Perfect Prediction in Tuesday’s Pace Race

ACRR News:

Sue Elkins had a perfect prediction in Tuesday’s pace race. Eddie Gartz was only 1 off his prediction.
Tuesday’s pace race was held on roads in Pajarito Acres and started on Acoma Lane. Ages ranged from 4 to 82.
The best predictors (and the time that they were off their prediction) for the one mile course were Sue Elkins (0 s), Eddie Gartz (1 s), Zachary Mauro (4 s), and Will Gartz (12 s).
For the 2.8 mile course, the best predictors were Zachary Medin (14 s), Roxana Candia (15 s), and Ted Romero (28 s).
Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will start near the Quemazon Montessori School at 4600 Esperanza off North Road. The one-mile course is paved. The three-mile run goes up the Pipeline gravel road. For more information, call 672-1639.
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