Students And Parents To Receive PARCC Test Results

LAHS students. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

Students and parents in the Los Alamos Public Schools will be receiving PARCC Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA) reports by Friday Sept. 2.  

Based upon feedback, this year’s student report has been improved for clarity. Several key elements of the score report have been updated into visual representations tobetter show results. These changes were developed because parents want to know how their child is doing, and where they need help. The LAPS goal is for continuous improvement in communications.

Over the next several weeks, LAPS staff will be carefully reviewing test results while keeping in mind that PARCC is one of many tools for measuring student progress. Since this is the second year for PARCC assessments, there is not any real trend data. It usually takes at least three years for trend data to be useful.

Overall, the PARCC test results show improvements and areas for further study at LAPS. 

“These encouraging results are a reflection of wonderful students, hard-working and skilled staff, and tremendous support from parents and community members,” Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus said.

High-Level Results:

The largest growth area for LAPS is in Algebra 1 at the high school.

LAPS also received districtwide results for science from a different test called the Standards Based Assessment (SBA).