Stradling: Response To County Councilor David Izraelevitz

Vice Chair
Republican Party of Los Alamos

Limitations on free speech have no place in Los Alamos County.

In his story (link), Mr. Izraelevitz has all cars going in opposition to former President Trump, except for the sadly misguided few. This is what the partisan press would have us believe! But in reality, half of the nation is driving in the opposite direction of Mr. Izraelevitz and Ms. Korkos (link).

Totalitarian governments use their official power to enforce ideological conformity, whether liberal or conservative. Mussolini’s policy compelled the people of Italy to eliminate the “weakness” of diverse thought. Fascism was enforced by bands of black-shirted thugs, propaganda press, and secret police. Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, a “progressive liberal”, developed a system of repression unprecedented in our history. He established the Committee on Public Information and a secret police, with agents in every town across America. People who published or spoke in dissent could receive up to 10 years in prison.

Mr. Izraelevitz and Ms. Korkos label my expressions and the posters of home owners as “inflammatory”, “confrontational”, “intimidating” and advocating the “overthrow of … elected government”. These labels are false, and thus unfair. Their inflammatory, confrontational and intimidating rhetoric has the intent of suppressing our inclination to express our opinions and values publicly. This is un-American.

Our America is about freedom, including freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

It is troubling to me that a senior county official would weigh into a difference of opinion between local residents on the side of suppressing, even demonizing, free speech. Los Alamos County does not need limitations on free, open, and civilized discourse.