Stormy Weather Can’t Stop Pace Racers

Pace racers braved a thunderstorm Aug. 20. Courtesy/Ted Williams

ACR News:

This week’s Pace Race on Aug. 20 turned into a guessing game due to the heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Most of the markings on the three mile run through Rendia Canyon and Bayo Canyon were washed away, so the run became partly a mystery run. In spite of that, some pace race guesses were really good. On the mystery run, Linda Vance was 15 seconds off her prediction, Karen Thorn was 30 seconds off and Ted Romero was 33 seconds off.

In the one mile, Jennifer Reglien was 63 seconds off her time, with Mariela Vargas being 87 seconds off.

Mariela Vargas, 9:54, and Anders Medin, 23:28, were the first woman and boy on the one mile course. Ted Romero, 22:49, and Roxana Candia, 30:44, were the first man and woman on the three mile course.

Next week’s Pace Race will be in Quemazon. Meet at the Montessori School parking lot. Call  672-1639 for more information.

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