Steinhaus: Salute To You On A Special Day


From Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus

To Everyone at LAPS,

This is a message of praise on this Labor Day. I praise you for your hard work, dedication, and support for each other.

It is remarkable what can happen when people support each other and get together around a common cause. And what could be a more important cause than the LAPS goal of helping every child thrive?

Thriving is an upward trajectory marked by developing: 

  • A growth mindset for learning;
  • Ability to tap into inner sources of motivation, or spark; and,
  • Skills necessary to succeed and grow.

Thriving goes beyond survival, it is about positive development. It includes learning from failure and accomplishment, healthy habits, emotional competence, caring, and persistent resourcefulness.

Life offers many opportunities to truly belong to a group united around a common cause. I am please you have chosen to be part of LAPS.  

Hope your Labor Day is filled with joy!

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