State Tightens Sex Offender Registration Laws

Gov. Susana Martinez


SANTA FE – Gov. Susana Martinez has unveiled a new, central location for New Mexicans to find sex offender information state-wide, including real-time e-mail notifications if an offender moves into your community.

This marks the first time that sex offender registration information is available to parents and the community in a single source that is consistent throughout New Mexico.

Martinez also said that new sex offender registration requirements go into effect July 1, that will tighten registration requirements while closing an out-of-state loophole.

The new website is available to the public at here. The New Mexico Sex Offender Registry website contains information on sex offenders in New Mexico who are required to register.

The new website, powered by OffenderWatch®, will now function in real time, which means that when a change is made in the New Mexico Sex Offender Registry database, it is automatically pushed out to the website and is accessible to the public almost immediately.

New Mexicans using the enhanced registry website will now be able to sign up for email alerts when a new internet-posted sex offender moves into their city or town, and the alerts will remain in effect until cancelled by the user.

In addition to the newly unveiled website, legislative changes from the most recent legislative session go into effect next Monday, July 1. HB 570 strengthens the New Mexico sex offender registration law by closing an out-of-state loophole and expanding the information that offenders have to provide upon registration.

Previously, some sex offenders registered in another state did not have to register upon moving to New Mexico. As of July 1, 2013, any out-of-state sex offenders who were required to register in the state they’re moving from must register as a sex offender in New Mexico. Their registration period in New Mexico is for the remaining period of time as required by their sentence from another state or for the duration that would be required for an equivalent offense under New Mexico law – whichever is longer.

“Our families deserve to know that we are doing everything we can to protect them from sex offenders,” Martinez said. “This new website is an excellent tool for parents and families and anybody concerned about who might be living on your block. I’m also glad we’ve closed the out-of-state loophole and brought our registry into the 21st century by requiring registration of social networking monikers. These are important tools for our law enforcement community.”

Governor Martinez worked closely with Rep. Antonio “Moe” Maestas (D-Albuquerque), and Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-Alamogordo) to pass the tougher sex offender registry law.

“We are on the right track towards a direction that will reduce the sex offender registration gaps and provide additional protection for the children of New Mexico,” Rep. Herrell said. “I am thrilled that this law is now going into effect. The governor and I are passionate about the safety of New Mexico children and this will provide the additional protection they deserve.”

“Our communities and families deserve the peace of mind that comes with rigorous sex offender registration requirements.”  Maestas said. “The best SORNA law disincentivizes any forum shopping by the offender, makes sure everyone is consistently monitored and staying in strict compliance. I’m proud to say, New Mexico now has a model SORNA law.”

In addition to closing the out-of-state loophole, HB 570 also requires sex offenders to register:

  • Current physical and mailing address as well as the address of every place the offender habitually lives;
  • Names, email addresses, and other monikers used on social networking sites;
  • Landline and cellular telephone numbers and any other numbers used primarily by the offender;
  • Professional licenses;
  • License plate or identifier and description of any vehicle owned or primarily operated by the offender;
  • Name and address of any school or higher education institute the offender is attending; and
  • Copies of passport and immigration documents.







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