GOP Rebecca Dow Launches Run For New Mexico Governor

Gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow

From the Rebecca Dow For Governor Campaign:

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES – Republican state representative Rebecca Dow has launched her campaign to unseat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in a video “that praises the character and grit of the people of New Mexico while contrasting the state’s failed leadership and government policies”. 

Dow’s launch video addresses some “hard truths” including New Mexico being ranked last in the nation in education and child welfare and ranked highest in unemployment.

“These are the consequences of bad government,” Dow said, using as an example Lujan Grisham breaking her own lockdown rules, wasting taxpayer money on lavish things for herself and settling her sexual harassment suit for more than $60,000.

This bad governance contrasted with Dow’s job-creating, people-centric career as a businesswoman, child and family advocate and state lawmaker leads to an obvious conclusion for Dow: “Our kids deserve better. That’s why I’m running for Governor”. 

In her video, Dow aligns herself and her values with the true character of the people of the state, as opposed to the Governor’s radical agenda.

“We are New Mexicans,” she said. “When there’s work to be done, we do it. When there are problems to solve, we solve them.”

“As a state, we have never experienced more dire conditions than we are currently struggling through right now,” Dow said in a further statement. “Our children are going uneducated and unequipped for further schooling or jobs at best, and they are literally dying at worst. I refuse to get one more call that a child died from neglect and poor conditions. I will not let one more business suffer under draconian shutdown measures. I refuse to let power hungry career politicians like our Governor keep dragging us down to the bottom of every list. I know the people of New Mexico, and I know they deserve much better than this, so I’m stepping up to lead us, for the first time in a long time, in the right direction. It’s time for change”

Watch Dow’s full campaign launch video here.

About Rebecca Dow

Dow has represented District 38 in the New Mexico House since 2017. During that time, she has passionately defended New Mexico jobs, fought to stop the overregulation of industries like energy and mining that provide so much of the state’s income, and successfully challenged powerful opponents of basic, inalienable rights, like the Right to Life and the Second Amendment.

Along with co-owning a technology firm, Dow provides consultation services to for-profit and community-based early childhood providers operating in the Rocky Mountain region. As the founder of one of Sierra County’s largest employers, AppleTree Educational Center, Dow worked hard to create more job opportunities for New Mexicans, opposing job-killing regulations and policies while promoting free market solutions. 

To help push back on the far left’s radical agenda, Dow built a coalition dubbed the “Save Our Western Way of Life” PAC. This group is comprised of law enforcement, ag producers, outfitters and guides, and hard-working New Mexicans to support pro-liberty candidates for office. 

Dow has been a statewide leader calling for a restoration of integrity at all levels of New Mexico’s government. She has opposed the Governor’s endless shutdowns and punitive consequences for citizens who disobeyed her orders. Dow believes that the Land of Enchantment is disenchanted with shutdown orders, social restrictions, and petty politics. Dow is committed to ending shutdowns, to restoring civil liberties, to reopening businesses and the economy, and putting the responsibility of providing high quality education in the hands of New Mexico educators. 

Because of her extensive background in both business and childhood education, Dow has been appointed to serve on various economic commissions, councils, and task forces for both Democrat and Republican Governors. She is recognized as a state and national expert on faith-based and early childhood education, called upon to advise and speak to numerous groups around the country. She is the founding member of the New Mexico Early Childhood Alliance and the Early Childhood Caucus, and she founded various educational, recreational and behavioral health services including a private K-12 school and homeschool co-op to fill unmet needs in her community. She is also the founding chair of the Sierra County Juvenile Justice Advisory Council, a member of the New Federation of Independent Businesses, and a member of the Truth or Consequences Rotary Club.

Dow holds an associate degree in Early Childhood from Tulsa Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Oral Roberts University. She is married to Aaron Dow and they have two children, Jaylah and Seth. The Dows live in Truth or Consequences.