State Police Special Investigations Agents Conduct ‘Minor Compliance’ Operation In Santa Fe

NMSP News:
SANTA FE The New Mexico State Police Special Investigations Unit conducted a Minor Compliance operation Friday in Santa Fe.
During the operation, Special Investigations agents checked a total of 134 liquor establishments. Numerous establishments were cited for sales to minors and other violations during the operation.
Of those checked, 14 establishments sold alcohol to minors. State Police agents issued a total of 32 administrative citations and 11 non-traffic citations:
  • Administrative Citations issued for sales to minors – 29;
  • Other Administrative Citations issued – 3;
  • Non-Traffic Citations issued for Sales to Minors – 7;
  • Other Non-Traffic Citations issued – 4; and
  • Written Premise Inspections at Liquor Licenses – 14.
As we enter graduation season, we encourage licensees to be extra vigilant in checking IDs and refusing sales to minors. New Mexico State Police is committed to saving lives and protecting our youth. Through education and enforcement, we strive to ensure those who sell and serve alcohol are doing so responsibly by complying with state law and rules and regulations.
Together we can make a difference and keep the citizens of New Mexico safe.