State Of The Arts: Vickie Deane’s Business Is In Full Bloom

One-of-a-kind brooch created by artist Vickie Deane. Courtesy/Geistlight Photography

Los Alamos Daily Post

“I make jewelry just like I paint,” artist Vickie Deane said. “It’s all about color, composition and line.”

Deane has been an artist since childhood. Art supplies were her favorite toys. Originally from New York City, she graduated from Kent State in visual arts. Deane came to New Mexico in the mid-80s. She started making jewelry about 25 years ago, in addition to continuing to paint.

“Jewelry is a medium that makes my work more accessible. I can support myself and it’s a blessing to be able to do something creative,” she said.

Pre-COVID 19, Deane roamed the country, doing art markets and shows, including the art fairs in Los Alamos. At one of the fairs, she met Fuller Lodge Art Center Director Ken Nebel and he urged her to put her work in the Center’s store.

“When COVID hit, I decided to go for it and sell my work in galleries,” Deane said.

Jeweler and painter Vickie Deane

She sells her work at the Art Center, Georgia O’Keefe Gallery in Santa Fe, The Fine Arts Museum in Albuquerque and the Harwood in Taos, among other venues further afield.

Deane still wants to do local art shows and markets and is showing her work at Santa Fe Artist’s Market held Saturdays at the Railyard and plans to attend local events once they start up again. She also has a new website at

Creation by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy/Geistlight Photography

“I’m not going back on the road,” Deane said. “I want to stay local for now.”

With museums closed and art fairs cancelled because of COVID-19, Deane had time to rethink her design ideas and ideas about how to manage her business in the future.

“I got to use up my stone stash,” she said.

Many of Deane’s designs have a botanical feel to them. One line is even named Botanicals.

Creation by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy/Geistlight Photography

I’m an avid gardener,” she said. “There’s so much natural beauty in New Mexico. It inspires me.”

Deane has one-of-a-kind pieces on her website and at fairs and markets. Her Botanicals line is available at retail outlets. She designs in silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious stones.

What is Deane’s favorite gemstone? It changes all the time, she said.

“Right now it’s opals,” Deane said.

Creation by jeweler Vickie Deane. Courtesy/Geistlight Photography

Check out Deane’s jewelry and paintings on her website at, stop by the Fuller Lodge Art Center or one of the other venues where she has work for sale.

Or visit her in person at the Santa Fe Artist’s Market. She’s there most Saturdays. 


One-of-a-kind earrings created by Vickie Dean. Courtesy/Geistlight Photography