State Farm: Tips To Protect Property From High Winds In New Mexico


High winds cause millions – and often billions – of dollars in property damage each year.

With high southwesterly to westerly winds developing across portions of New Mexico this week, State Farm wants to remind New Mexicans how they can protect their home and property.

High winds can result in downed trees or branches, flying debris and broken glass, electric/power outages, blowing dust and limited visibility, and travel delays with road closures.

New Mexico residents and drivers are encouraged to follow these tips to protect family and property from severe weather and wind:


  • Garage or store vehicles. If you don’t have a garage, move them to area offering most protection from flying debris.
  • Remove all externally-mounted electronics that might be damaged.


  •  Place garbage cans, patio furniture, grills and other potentially wind-borne objects inside your home or garage.

Remove risky tree branches:

  •  Prune branches that might break off during the storm and either hurt someone or cause damage to your home or vehicles.

From an insurance perspective:

  • make sure you have gathered and organized important papers – such as auto and home insurance policies, a home inventory and mortgage info – in a safe location. Access to these documents will help streamline the claims process if your home is damaged.

When severe weather hits while on the road, take these extra precautions while driving:

  • Slow down, increase focus on road and avoid distractions.
  • Keep an eye out for flying debris and use extra caution near trailers, vans or vehicles carrying lightweight cargo that may go airborne.
  • Some cars shouldn’t be driven. It’s best not to drive a trailer, van or other “high-profile” vehicle (autos with high centers of gravity like SUVs and trucks) in high winds.
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