State Democratic Party Credits Public Engagement For PED Change Of Tune On Science Curriculum Standards

NMDP News:
The Democratic Party of New Mexico credited public engagement Oct. 18, for the New Mexico Public Education Department’s (PED) change in tune on science curriculum standards.
After public outrage was made clear, Gov. Susana Martinez’s PED announced that they would not be including the politicized changes they proposed in September.
“New Mexico was facing the possibility of Martinez’s PED altering science education in a way that would have put New Mexico kids at a disadvantage. Despite the New Mexico PED hosting a hearing during a time when many folks are at work, despite the fact that the PED pushing a highly politicized agenda, New Mexicans made a difference, and the Democratic Party of New Mexico was proud to stand with the community,” said Richard Ellenberg, chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We will continue to monitor this process and advocate for solid scientific principles to be taught in our classrooms.”
Last month, Martinez’s Public Education Department proposed changes to the New Mexico K-12 Science Standards that omit basic scientific principles. The omissions would have put New Mexico kids at a competitive disadvantage and risk their future endeavors.
The outrage spanned from parents, teachers, students and the New Mexico’s top science industry leaders through public comment, op-eds, attendance at the public hearing, marches and rallies. The massive engagement swayed Martinez’s PED to abandon their ploy to include politicized edits in K-12 science education curriculum. 
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