‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ a Great Summer Adventure

Movie Review by KIRSTEN LASKEY

Some movies just fit the bill for the perfect summer blockbuster.

They are as refreshing as a soda on a hot day, as thrilling as an approaching three-month break from school and as fun as that first jump into the pool. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” fits solidly into this description.

This movie jets you, at warp speed, on a wonderful tour of the galaxy. You get to travel to planets that are lush in scarlet forests or observe Earth’s future sleek and glossy cities. Even the bowels of the starship Enterprise are beautiful. Everything is a visual delight.

The cast of characters could not better. I loved the machismo and bravado of Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk, the genius and purity of Zachary Quintos’ Spock, the immense villainy and awesome power of Benedict Cumberbath’s Khan.

It was great to see Leonard Nimoy once again making an appearance in the new Star Trek movie.

It is not a smooth journey for Captain Kirk and his crew. Earth gets terrorized while the Enterprise gets blasted to smithereens and one character pays the ultimate price to save the lives of others. There is no dull moment in this movie. Watching the film is similar to a ride on a roller coaster or trip down a water slide; it is a constant rush of motion that follows an unknown path. Even though you don’t know what you will encounter on the next turn, you are filled with anticipation and excitement about what will happen next.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” is showing at 3:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. this week at the Reel Deal Theater, 2551 Central Ave. http://reeldealtheater.com/


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